The perfect way to invest in your family

Have you been dreaming of having your own backyard pool?

It can be the perfect place to relax and enjoy precious time with your family and friends. Let us make it a reality with one of our premium pools.

We believe we stand out from our competitors to deliver you a better product with superior service and by making it a pleasurable experience from start to finish. Here are a few ways we stand out:

A pool
company like
no other

speedy install

Speedy install

less disruption

Less disruption

great reputation

Great reputation

perfectly equipped

Perfectly equipped

one-stop shop

One-stop shop

staff that shine

Staff that shine


We’ve created a pool and hot tub finder tool that will quickly
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How bloom field stands out


You are a priority to us and we value your time. The last thing you want is your property being under construction for weeks on end. Once we have your pool model secured we set up an install date and show up when promised. Most pool-only installs only take 4-5 days. If there is hardscaping to be done as well, we will complete it next, without delay, to ensure you and your family are floating in your pool swiftly.


Bloom Field has been passionately involved in the community for twenty years and has a solid reputation to uphold. We're here to stay which means our customers will always be high priority to us. With so many fly by night companies around these days, you want a trusted company that will stand by you for the long haul. We pride ourselves in exceeding our customers expectations year after year.


We care about you and your property. That's why we take the time to lay rubber mats across high traffic areas protecting your lawn as much as possible. Our machinery is custommade to fit in tight places. Instead of removing a fence in narrow areas to complete the excavation, our streamlined equipment can fit through a 4-foot space and be highly efficient. The last thing you want is a beautiful pool with a torn up yard surrounding it.


The best pool installs do not disrupt your neighbour's by taking down fences. We own the best equipment designed for tight spaces. It is the most efficient and cost effective method to get the job done. Our equipment is regularly serviced, so it's available when we need it. Having the right tools for the job ensures we complete your project ontime and to the highest standard possible


We treat our staff very well. They are paid competently, treated with respect and rewarded handsomely for their concentrated efforts. What does this mean to you as a homeowner? We believe that employees that receive this kind of treatment go above and beyond to give exceptional service. From warm greetings to attention to detail in all they do, the end result is always exceptional workmanship and a great experience for new pool owners.


With Bloom Field, there is no need to hire a pool company and a landscaping company. We do both which saves you significant time and expenses because we do it all at once. When we excavate for your pool, we are excavating for the hardscape areas as well. We roll directly from your pool install into the stone work, delivering your completed pool experience much quicker.

Hardware that matters

Hardware that matters

Over the years we've been collecting an array of awards for our incredible service and award-winning pool designs/installation. Our work keeps appearing in magazines, media and online. Our customers are excited about their new pools and want to show them off whenever possible. We take our role seriously and strive to exceed our customers expectations with every project we do.

Excitement in the air

There's nothing quite as exciting as having your own pool installed. We have found that the whole neighbourhood tends to gather round in the excitement on crane day when your pool is being lifted into position. Ready to make it a reality?

Top-notch Protection

3 year warranty
2 year warranty
structural warranty
osmosis warranty

Our specialties

We offer three types of services that are tailored to fit your needs:



Open a whole new world of fun and pleasure-packed possibilities with your family and friends. Making new and lasting memories in your own backyard oasis is within your grasp. Let us create a backyard rendering that excites you and your family and then bring it to reality. After all, there's nothing quite like having your very own pool to enjoy for years to come.

What sets us apart

What sets our pools apart?

You deserve the best and we believe our pools stand out so that you can relax knowing you've got the best.

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