About us


Bloom Field was created in 2003, starting with our Garden Centre and Landscaping company. Our family has worked hard within the community to establish our roots and build the best product possible for many years. Our natural progression into the pool industry has let us hire more skilled trades people and offer a one stop shop to fulfill your back yard construction dreams!

one-stop shop

Award-Winning Swimming Pools

We are thrilled with the amount of awards we have won for our beautiful and high-quality pools, complete with finely-crafted hardscaping. Thank you to all our valued customers for their outstanding support and confidence in us here at Bloom Field.


We are more than excited to be a team that partners with a premium composite pool supplier. Their commitment to the highest level of durability and workmanship meshes perfectly with our high standard of delivering the very best pools available. Learn more about their craft and expertise at leisurepoolsusa.com

Liesure Pools

Our Process



We meet with our customer and help determine the best size and placement for your new pool. We help you select the style and colour that fits your family best and also explain all hardscaping options



We develop an AutoCAD (2D blueprint) drawing to help you visualize your new backyard oasis. The drawing will include interlocking paths, patios, landscaping and of course your beautiful new pool with perfectly planned hardscaping.



Your personalized pool is constructed with precision and the colour of your pool surface applied. Your pool is then shipped to us and we can schedule a firm date for install.



  1. We excavate the hole and surrounding landscape areas
  2. We lay our unique and specialized aggregate base
  3. Pool crane day and installation of your premium fibreglass pool
  4. We fill your pool with water and complete backfill around the pool
  5. Install all plumbing and connections for the pool
  6. The concrete collar is poured and remaining aggregate base is prepped for hardscaping
  7. Installation of hardscaping and any required landscaping

Now the fun part begins

It is time for your family to enjoy your new premium pool. Throw a big pool party and begin making unforgettable memories right in your own backyard!