Modern Rectangular Design

Explore our collection of inground fiberglass pools with unique designs, seating options, and landscaping opportunities. From classic to contemporary, find the perfect pool for your backyard oasis.

The Wave™

Friendly design. Full length swim.

The Wave™ invites you to unwind with its spacious splash pad design and many seating options and relaxation stations. Soak up the sun on the beautifully curved tanning ledge, which offers plenty of opportunities to safely enter and exit the pool.

Designed to be a companion to our popular Pinnacle design, the full-width splash pad is designed to better fit more space conscious backyards.


The Elegance™

Friendly design. Full length swim.

This offers a cut-out step design that welcomes you into the pool and bench area. With six length options, this pool fits comfortably in almost any backyard.

With entry steps and a small bench for seating, this rectangular design is an award winner. It simply looks good anywhere, in almost any backyard, whether it be small or large. This is the quintessential inground fiberglass swimming pool that makes everyone happy.


The Reflection Including Splash Deck™

Style matched with splash.

A variation of The Reflection with its full length bench/ seating, it is complimented with an additional five foot, full-width entry splash pad.

How do you make a popular inground pool even better? By adding a splash pad to it. All the features that make one of our most popular pools are here but now we have a great place to add lounge chairs, bubblers or simply a place to tickle our feet in with cool water. The definition of backyard pool paradise.


The Reflection™

Powerful style. Inclusive design.

This pool is a popular option for families who enjoy full-length bench seating paired with a full swim channel within a more trim backyard environment.

One of our most versatile and popular designs with a long bench along one side of the pool. This allows for generous entry and exit as well as seating for all while relaxing in your backyard swimming pool. This fiberglass pool fits to almost any lifestyle whether it be a night by the pool or exercise for the kids.


The Summit™

Full-width splash pad. Compact design.

Designed to be a companion to our popular Pinnacle design, the full-width splash pad is designed to better fit more space conscious backyards.

Looking for a splash pad but your backyard is a little more demanding? This pool offers you a full-width splash pad but in a narrower design that allows you to enjoy all the benefits in a more compact size. You can have it all with your inground fiberglass pool even in the city or restrictive space.


The Pinnacle™

Full-width splash pad. Clean design.

One of our most popular designs with a full-width splash/ entry pad that descends into a welcoming swimming pool environment.

True to its name, this has become one of our most popular inground fiberglass pool designs. The most outstanding feature is its full-width splash pad that allows for placement of lounge chairs on it, the use of bubblers and of course for children and family pets to stand in and enjoy the coolness of the water.


The Harmony™

Classic style. Trim fit.

Enjoy a full length bench with a full channel swim parallel to it. It offers a trim width but with four length options, can meet many demanding space considerations.

One of our most flexible pool designs that also provides a wide variety of sizes to fit almost any backyard paradise. Kids enjoy the variety of steps and bench seating while parents enjoy having a full swimming channel within the classic rectangle pool style.


The Palladium Plunge™

Compact styling. Full features.

One of our larger plunge pools, this provides an attractive option for those interested in relaxation with seating options as well as the use of spa jets or swim flow systems.

An incredible plunge pool that seems perfectly built for two. Relax in your own backyard pool or add spa jets for an even more enjoyable pool experience. This flat bottom, inground fiberglass pool can be a family community pool and allows for incredible landscaping opportunities around it.

LengthWidthFlat Bottom

The Fiji Plunge™

Compact. Joyful comfort.

Our version of the "plunge pool" for those looking to have a pool for relaxation, relief and enjoyment.

The perfect plunge pool. A compact size to escape the heat and cool down. Or relax after a hard day at the (home) office. Or even better, for that romantic evening. Consider putting in a few spa jets for greater enjoyment.

LengthWidthFlat Bottom

The Esprit™

Trim design. Comfortable fit.

A variation of The Harmony design in that it offers full length bench seating with entry steps but built with a more trim fit for more demanding space considerations.

This inground pool is the athletic design within our portfolio. It is trim, sleek and fit allowing it to fit in narrow backyards but long enough to invite the addition of swim jets for more powerful swimming – or simply relax and float in your tub, meditating on how wonderful your life is in your backyard oasis.

LengthWidthFlat Bottom

The Supreme™

Traditional swimming pool design.

Your classic (and very popular) swimming pool with a generous swim area and limited entry steps and more compact deep end seating/ exit steps.

This pool design has become a family favorite. It has seating in all four corners of the pool in the classic rectangle design but is open for a full swimming experience. It offers plenty of opportunities to include swimming pool lights while providing for great patio seating viewing of the fun in front of you.