Specialty Rectangular Design

Explore our range of inground fiberglass pools featuring elegant curves, built-in spas, and wraparound seating. Transform your backyard into a tranquil retreat with our diverse pool designs and limitless landscaping possibilities.

The Icon™

Well defined lines. Deep end joy.

This pool builds upon the amenities of The Ultimate offering a splash pad, a built-in spa, and a swimming pad but in an eight foot depth for even more excitement.

Go big when you go home to your backyard swimming pool that has a splash pad, a built-in spa and an eight-foot, deep end suitable for the use of a diving board – or just jumping into. This is one of our biggest inground fiberglass swimming pools and it offers big family fun


The Ultimate™

Clean lines. Feature-packed.

With its clean, contemporary lines and incorporation of the most popular built-in features, this pool is the ultimate backyard paradise for any number of activities.

This pool offers it all: a splash pad with built-in spa and a generous swimming pool area with a classic rectangle pool design. Your home will be the place to be in the neighborhood. An incredible inground composite fiberglass swimming pool that showcases what the good life is all about.


The Limitless™

Feature packed within compact pool.

Take advantage of all the features of The Ultimate (splash pad, built-in spa plus swimming pool) but within a more demanding backyard space.

This fiberglass swimming pool offers everything you want in pool design: a splash pad, a spa and a pool but packaged in a more compact pool design. For those who want a little of everything and not willing to sacrifice quality, you will find this to be the perfect backyard pool.


The Moroccan™

Curved inset. Three corner seating.

Our first pool design that still offers unique design options as it features seating in three corners and wonderful landscaping opportunities.

Our first pool design and the stylish features still feel contemporary. This unique inground design features three corners of steps and seating that flows into an open swimming pool. It has a little inset curve that gives you another unique feature to stand apart from any other swimming pool design.


The Infinity™

Award winning design & depth.

A showcase design that builds upon the heritage of swimming pools. Generous width and a 40 foot length paired with an eight foot depth.

This is our definition of the classic swimming pool design. An inground fiberglass pool design with bench seating along the shallow sides but which is primarily open for nothing but swimming and water fun. It has an eight foot deep end and can be complimented with inground pool lights and water jets.


The Horizon™

Half moon. Invisible edge.

An eye-catching design with an invisible edge built into it. It can be installed above ground allowing it to serve as a "statement" pool - or your never ending "party" pool.

Did someone say Party Time? This crescent shape design with a built-in spillover is a stunning, unique and award-winning pool design. The half-moon shape is perfect for relaxation or for hanging out with friends or sharing special moments with your partner.

LengthWidthFlat Bottom

The Courtyard Roman™

Keyhole design. Personal comfort.

With individual seating carved at one end, this offers a wonderful option to add spa jets for relaxation and greater comfort - or relax on the steps at the other end.

Technically one of our small inground pool designs, this one's still big on fun. The keyhole design at the end provides a relaxing seating area that can be complimented with spa jets for a soothing experience. Or use it as a plunge pool to get cool on warm days and nights.


The Roman™

Classical design. "His" & "Hers" seating.

Unique and inviting design that offers facing seats at both ends of a compact pool. Opportunities to add spa jets are available.

A bit larger than your plunge pool, this fiberglass pool still feels cozy with its unique keystone shape. The two seating areas provide opportunities for the addition of relaxing and soothing spa jets. This unique shape provides unique landscaping options.


The Cube™

European style. High water line.

European style arrives with a high water line and designed for use with an automatic cover gracefully hidden under an entry seat bench.

European pool design that features the unique high-water line look. The auto cover area is placed at the front of the pool rather than the traditional deep end. This is a showcase pool design that can also be complimented with inground pool lights to accent its classic rectangle shape.

LengthWidthFlat Bottom

The Precision™

European styling. High water line.

A sharp, elegant pool that offers a high water line plus a entry step / bench seat integrated into its contemporary design.

One of our European style inground fiberglass swimming pools, this features a distinctive and eye-catching high-water line. It allows the water in your pool to be almost to the very top of your pool creating a visually stunning swimming pool design. Style and function in one pool.

LengthWidthFlat Bottom